The Encyclopedia of Studpidity, 2007

De draagbare encyclopedie van de Domheid
- Matthijs van Boxsel 

Querido, 2015 ISBN 9789021400860

Matthijs van Boxsel believes that no one is intelligent enough to understand their own stupidity. In The Encyclopaedia of Stupidity he shows how stupidity manifests itself in all areas, in everyone, at all times: stupidity is the foundation of our civilization.

Van Boxsel tries to fathom the logic of this opposite world. Where do understanding and intelligence begin and end? He examines mythic fools such as Cyclops and King Midas, cities such as Gotham, archetypes including the dumb blonde, and traditionally stupid animals such as the goose, the donkey and the headless chicken. van Boxsel posits that stupidity is a condition for intelligence, that blunders stimulate progress, that failure is the basis for success. In this witty book he maintains that our culture is the product of a series of failed attempts to comprehend stupidity.

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