F for Fact

F For Fact
Sandberg Institute
Temporary Master Programme 2020-2022

Truth has always been stranger than fiction. It still is.

At a time when facts are increasingly framed as fantasy, and fiction is often presented as truth, F for Fact aims to develop narratives for the present by looking at past and future representations of reality through an artistic lens.

At this School of Second Thoughts we investigate the nature of knowledge as we perceive, document and share it. Through social and natural history, archives, fundamental science, literature and popular media we explore physical and intellectual knowledge kept in the vaults of our collective memory.

F for Fact connects the individual artistic practice to knowledge produced and stored at various institutions and collections, mostly situated in The Netherlands. The program supports in-depth collaborations with a selection of renowned knowledge institutes and archives related to art, science and society.

F for Fact translates what we think we know, what we have forgotten and what we can imagine into an elegant attempt to observe, question and describe the world from a personal perspective.
The work can be articulated in any medium of choice: film, audio, speech, writing, drawing, performance, tool, object. The question is how to translate different forms of knowledge into new forms of storytelling.

The program consists of lectures and interactions with international guests from the edges of art and science and excursions to unexpected places, where participants and mentors share their experiences on an equal basis.

Truth has always been stranger than fiction. It still is.

Conceptual designers, visual artists, writers, filmmakers and other unconventional thinkers with a curious mind and a proactive nature are warmly invited to apply. 

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Sandberg Temporary Master Programme 2020-2022